Wilson Heredia
Tony Award Winning Best Actor for his remarkable portrayal of Angel in Rent, Wilson nails the wild, lovable, free-spirit, Lonzie in Rainbow! Along with being a critical piece of the ensemble cast, Wilson was a huge inspiration on the set during production!
Mel Gorham
The 90's Miramax Films fixture & TV/Stage vet,
gives a stunning performance as Darren's
unsupportive, Mom, Fran - "It's a role of a lifetime- 
Career changing!” Gorham's credits include 
Carlitos Way, Arrested Development, Union Square,
Cop Land, etc.. 
Scott Rubin
Scott's breakout performance as Shibbawitz is
sure to get people to wonder: "Where have 
you been man?!"  Actually Scott was the
longest serving Editor in Chief of National
Lampoon. And although he never appeared
in a movie, he did appear in many viral videos
for the twice Webby nominated NL website. 
Ruthie Alcaide
Ruthie, famous for being one of the very
first people to openly come out
ever on TV while on MTVs
Real Worldis actually a very
talented actress and
delivers her role of the
with a Punch!
Cole Burden
Cole's a familiar face around the New York Theater scene having appeared in Broadway & many Off-Broadway productions. Best known for his work in Beautiful Creatures,  this seasoned pro shines in his funny,  but yet moving portrayal of Darren, the not quite fully "out" soon to be married partner of Dean.
Chris Modrzynski
Chris, who wonderfully portrays Dean, the about to be wed fiance of Darren is a double threat!  Known for his passionate, high-energy acting in indie films and on the soap One Life to Live he's also a highly regarded film production guru! In fact Chris was cast on the spot after helping out in a casting session while serving as a temporary Production Manager on the film. 
Diane Gaidry
Diane flawlessly plays Lydia, a gov't inspector who suspects fraud at the Motel. Diane is an icon in the lesbian community for her remarkable starring role in the LBGT classic indie film, Loving Annabelle
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