Scott Rubin is an author, screenwriter, TV host, actor and producer. He’s best known as the longest serving Editor-in-Chief of the National Lampoon. During his tenure, Scott & his team created hundreds of comedic videos & articles and was twice nominated for the Webby Award for Best Comedy Website. Along with receiving millions of views and Best of the Web shout-outs from NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, USA Today, HuffPost, etc.. their biting, post 9/11 political satire was honored by being entered into the Smithsonian Institute. Scott started his career writing for over 40 comedians, including Gary Shandling and went on to write/produce The Making of The Making for the Disney Chanel, Midnight Hour for CBS, Funny Money for GSN as well as hosting the celebrated, man-on-the-street, sketch show Chutzpah for JLTV.  


Scott's breakout performance as the, in-over-his-head, motel manager, Shibbawtiz, is Scott's first movie role and it almost didn't happen. After casting in Buffalo for two months, Scott & Garrett were unable to find a suitable Shibbawitz - however, when Garrett saw Scott read with the other actors during casting sessions, he knew he found Shibbawitz. He insisted that Scott play the role - thankfully,  Scott finally caved.

"The acting was the fun part! Look, I've worked on a lot of different productions over the years but, honestly, nothing can prepare you for making your first indie feature -- except possibly being mauled by a pack of rabid opossums. But when you finally get to see the final product and other people are digging it - it makes it all worth it... I think!"




After graduating from the University at Buffalo with the Dean's Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, J. Garrett went on to found and operate the first-ever movie studio in Buffalo, NY with the Pierce-Arrow Film Arts Center.


There he created a series of NYS certified sound stages and green screen cyclorama studios as part of a revitalization plan to repurpose the historic property while creating a foundation for the film industry to operate.  His work at the Pierce-Arrow lead him to successfully help pass new legislation for an Upstate Enhanced Film Production Tax Credit Program in NY State.


Soon after J. Garrett went on to co-direct and produce his first feature film, The Rainbow Bridge Motel, which was recently acquired for domestic and international distribution with Gravitas Ventures. 


He now lives in Los Angeles, CA and has been shooting feature films as a director of photography while working towards his second feature film - Rosarito...

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